About resort
Our company ARC-MED s.r.o. has been driving spa resort from 2012. We have experience
in physiotherapy and wellness care from 1995. About 50 qualified employees are able to
satisfy specific needs of our clients. Technical equipment corresponds to the last trends in
health research. We dispose laser, acoustic wave therapy for medical and also beauty care.
The spa resort has physiotherapeutic department, wellness, swimming pool, whirlpool,
infrasauna, salt cave, hotel, restaurant, café and sporting places.

Spa history began May 18, 1881, when a farmer Fickert found that the water in his new four
meters deep water well has suddenly sour but very pleasant flavour. The performed analysis
has confirmed that this is a high quality mineral water with a high content of carbon dioxide.
He gained popularity soon and had begun to sell water for small fee to neighbourhood people.
Farmer Fickert sold his property to sugarmaker Francis Fieber in 1886, who named the
mineral spring after his wife Eugenie (Evženka). Fieber provided professional mining,
capturing and bottling of spring. He built the necessary buildings for bottling, which was
equipped with steam and electrical machines. Fieber also built pavilion and is a founder of the
spa park, area of 2.5 hectares with walking paths, flower beds and lawns, a pond with swans.
The results of chemical analysis and bacteriological confirmed the healing effects and finally
9 April 1898 Eugenie was declared as a healing spring. It is beginning of spa industry in
Klášterec. Large reconstruction and development of the spa area began after 1990, when it
was discovered another spring, which was named as Klášterecký pramen (Klášterec spring).